7 Mayıs 2016 Cumartesi

Project on Environmental Issues 8

Environment’s Effect on Scottish Elections

The article was about where the parties for the Scottish Parliament stood in the support for bicycle use in Scotland. The amount of candidates that responded was really low. And most of the ones that responded gave vague answers to the questions that were asked. I really liked the language the article was written in. It was formal but it also had a sincere tone. In the part where the writer said politicians weren’t a good resource to use in a data because they gave vague and “answer-shaped words as answers”. He responded with, “Who knew?” which gave the article a really warm and sincere tone.

I wish environment were valued as much in Turkey, like it’s valued in Scotland. Even when the candidates gave vague answers there were also a lot of candidates that are going to join a bicycle ride to the Parliament. They are trying hard to improve roads for bikers. They are planning to invest some money to bikers and travelers by feet. Also they are planning to fund the infrastructure of bicycles that can be used by almost anyone that wants to use bicycles to travel. By financially helping these they are also helping save the environment, and people of Scotland are going to consider the perspective of the parties on the protection and saving of the environment by the use of bicycles and travellers by feet.

People considering the perspective to environment of a party to chose parliament members shows their level of awareness on environmental matters. Environment protection is one of the most important things to consider because if a party cares about environment, it shows they value the protection of environment more than they value money, which is a rare level of selflessness that can be found in a politician. This research might be about what the candidates and parties think about the investment in the use of bicycles, but it also shows a lot of different things about a politician that might help them gain the elections.

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